Portable Gadgets

Sep 17, 12 Portable Gadgets

Portability has become an important part of our life and from something that might have seemed like an indulgence, it has become a necessity nowadays. Here are some of the favorite gadgets from this season that will offer you high tech features but also great portability.

The GP2X Caanoo Gaming Emulator

The cool GP2X Caanoo Gaming Emulator is a great console that will help you play the oldest console games. If you want to remember those times when you were a kid this is definitely the right gadget. It allows you to replay the favorite childhood games and you can take it everywhere with you. It is also capable of emulating games from systems like Amiga, Commodore 64 or NeoGeo so you are definitely set if you are looking for a vintage game marathon. It comes with a 3.5’LCD touchscreen with a good resolution, 128MB Ram and a 533MHz CPU. You can charge it traditionally and through your USB and it has a built in stereo. It makes for a perfect gift for kids if you want to show them how old games really were or for a friend who was really young in the 80s.

Ruffian Skull Metal Earphones

For something really unique you should try the Ruffian Skull Metal Earphones, which are definitely designed for a real man. Don’t just buy something that looks high tech, you need to listen to music in style. It seems that they work really great with all your death metal and black metal bands so make sure that you don’t listen to any girls’ music on them. They come in four cool colors like copper, gold, nickel black and antique chromium to add to their awesomeness.


This is possibly one of the most useful gadgets nowadays as more and more people need one when they shop online. The SmartSwipe helps you buy securely by swiping your credit card in it and avoiding typing it on your computer. This is a great product that works with most of the popular retailers and on most internet browser.

iBAC Alcometer

Are you looking for something that will tell you if you should drive after a crazy night or not? The iBAC Alcometer is a great thing that will possibly save your life one day. You just blow in it and it tells you if there is a lot of alcohol content in your blood and if you should drive so take it with you anywhere you might need such a device.