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Gadgets For Any PC User

Gadgets For Any PC User Posted by on Oct 7, 2012

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Cool Gadgets for Music Lovers

Cool Gadgets for Music Lovers Posted by on Sep 25, 2012

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Apophis – It’s From Another World

Apophis – It’s From Another World Posted by on Feb 1, 2013

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Kids Gadgets

Dec 02, 12 Kids Gadgets

Posted by in Cool

Kids nowadays need a lot of interesting devices to make sure that they keep themselves entertained and with all the technology surrounding us, there’s a lot of variety to choose from. Why not get your kid something that will become a hobby or even a profession later in live and give them a head start when it comes to creativity? Powertools PLAYMAT 4-in-1 Workshop  If your kid shows signs that he wants to be an architect or he loves doing construction, this cool device is definitely something that will make him or her happy. It actually saws, drills, buffs and makes a lot of things a real tool would, so why not let them explore their creativity into constructing something really cool. It costs only 70-80 dollars and it can be a great investment that will keep your child entertained for a very long time. Toys R Us Tabeo If you want to give your kid a gadget but you don’t think they are ready for something like an iPad you can get them the cool multi-touch tablet designed by Toys R Us. This tablet comes with various apps and cool games that will definitely keep your child entertained and it works on the internet too with parental control, of course. Candy Chemistry Set If you want your child to grow fond of something else than sweets this cool chemistry set will surely make them think about more than how tasty candy is when they pick up a piece. Most of them would probably turn this into a hobby and perhaps create unique flavored candy themselves one day. It costs only 35 dollars and it’s definitely a fascinating device. Money Monster Help your child learn what saving money is with this cool Money Monster gadget. The Money Monster eats your coins and keeps them in its belly until you mostly need them, usually to buy candy if you are a kid. It requires 3 batteries, comes in cool colors such as pink and blue...

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Gadgets To Help Your Business

Nov 21, 12 Gadgets To Help Your Business

Posted by in Cool

Having a personal business is one of the people’s favorite dream and they can be their own boss and earn money by working their own hours. However, you certainly can’t do it alone and often gadgets and software can be of more use than humans. Here are some of the coolest devices that you can use to enhance your business.  AudiOffice If your business requires that you make conference calls and you need high quality sound, the AudiOffice is the best gadget possible. It also works amazing for your laptop as it makes even easier for you to listen to music. It is available for about 300 dollars and will definitely improve both your calls and your music experience. ESI 250 Desktop Smartphone This cool phone looks like a normal office phone but it works with a touchscreen that is especially designed for businesses. You can easily send text messages, record calls and has all the features an office phone has like reminders, conferencing, call distribution, etc. One of these will be available for about 400 dollars so you might have to cut some other expenses if you want to use them in your offices. HDMI Pocket Projector This pocket projector costs 300 dollars and it’s very useful if you do a lot of travelling. You can connect it to most devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and even DVD players and game consoles. Tablets One of the most important things that you need in a new business is the option of portability so why not buy some tablets for your employees? iPad or Android tablets, both of them are extremely efficient to make sure that they are doing their business right. It will help them keep track of their meetings, their tasks and their projects so it’s a great investment. Also, you won’t even need to spend too much money as you can easily find tablets for about 150-200 dollars. Power Up Rolling Bag This bag is pretty interesting and a great tool...

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Household Gadgets

Nov 10, 12 Household Gadgets

Posted by in Household

 Have you ever thought that maybe your house would be easier to manage if you would simply have the devices that would enhance every task you did? Fortunately with new technologies, new inventions come and ultimately you get to ease your life with various devices. Here are some of the newest gadgets for your household that will not just ease your life but they are also pretty cool. The Talking Scale You probably don’t need any more moral speech about your weight if you are overweight but you don’t have to worry with the Talking Scale as it won’t scold you if you gained weight. The scale just tells you the weight and it also features a LCD display with memory tracking. Also, it has a capacity of 550 lbs. and work with two 9V batteries. The Auto Cool Don’t you just hate it when you leave your car in your parking lot and it’s extremely hot inside only after a couple of minutes? With the Auto Cool you don’t have to worry about heat in your car as you can easily ventilate it without having to worry about power. It is a solar-powered ventilator that expels hot hair from your car. The cool thing about it is that it also helps you get rid of any smells so you can easily make your car all clean again when someone smoked inside. Moving Security Camera If you want a cheap efficient solution to your security problem a moving security lam is surely for you. With its motion activated movement and red LED flashes it will look just a like an authentic security system. It just uses 3 AA batteries and it’s extremely easy to install. Stick-Up Light Bulb The Stick Up Light Bulb is the best gadget if you need cool lightning. it is a good option for all your rooms including closets, basements, attics and stairwells and the good thing about it is the fact that it doesn’t depend on your power reserve...

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Retro Looking Gadgets

Oct 30, 12 Retro Looking Gadgets

Posted by in Cool

Whether you are a fan of the old times or you simply want to impress your friends and family with cool looking gadgets, the following devices are definitely worth taken into consideration if you want to buy something unique. Inspired by various periods of time or devices that were seen back then, these can make for a really cool gift or just something special for yourself. Cool Flexible Space Invaders Keyboard Inspired by the traditional cool game called Space Invaders, one of the gems in gaming history, this awesome keyboard is definitely unique. The great thing about it is not just the fact that it is inspired by the game, but also the fact that it comes in a really cool shape. Actually, the keyboard is flexible, durable, and most importantly, waterproof. This means that you don’t have to stress yourself about ruining your keyboard anymore with your beverage and if something happens and you spill sauce on it, you can just wipe it away. You can even roll it up and take it with you anywhere you go as it easily connects through USB. Tetris Light The Tetris Light gadget is a really cool device that will light up with each color depending on the model you choose. There are seven lights that need to come in contact with each other to create a wave of awesome light. This is a really cool gift for someone who either loved Tetris or loved the 80s. Polaroid-Style Instamatic camera for iPhone Why not turn your Phone into a classic Polaroid camera that gives you real photos after each shot, just like old school Polaroids. This is not just a cool gift but a really nice gadget to have around if you want to impress your friends. Pac-Man Alarm Clock If you want to wake up in a really retro style, the Pac Man Alarm clock is a really cool device to have around. It even has the Pac man authentic sounds so you will have...

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Awesome Survival Gadgets

Oct 24, 12 Awesome Survival Gadgets

Posted by in Outdoors

For the most adventurous of us, there are things like hiking trips into unknown places and exploring really cool landscapes that really keeps that adrenaline level high. However, any person who seeks adventure should also be responsible enough to get some gadgets that would aid them during their quests and we managed to find just the right things you need for your adventure. Here are some of the coolest gadgets that are not just perfect for those who go to extreme adventures but also people who enjoy nature and outdoors and love being self-sufficient. Esbit Emergency Stove There might be a time when you will absolutely need to have some sort of stove either to cook your food or keep yourself warm for a while. The cool Esbit Emergency Stove is cheap and ideal even for your home. It is pliable and you can carry it easily in your backpack and it contains fuel tablets that will burn for 12 minutes each so there’s enough time to cook something fast. Solar Backpack Quite possibly a lifesaving item, the solar backpack doesn’t just help you store and carry your GPS unit and other electronic gadgets but now can help you charge them too. With a 60 watt per hour laptop battery that’s fueled by three 3:4 watt solar panels, this backpack can recharge your phone, GPS unit or laptop in a matter of hours, depending on the intensity of the sun. This is great not just to have around during hiking outdoors but also during traveling as it might come in handy when you have to wait for hours for your plane or train. Rechargeable UV Water Filter Another lifesaver this UV water filter is a great gadget in a small package. Weighing in at just 6.4 ounces this water filter is great because of its versatile and efficient nature. It purifies a liter of water in less than 2 minutes and in case it runs out of batteries you can simply plug it in...

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Eco Devices to Save Power

Oct 15, 12 Eco Devices to Save Power

Posted by in Eco

If you want to live an Earth friendly life, there are various ways to do it with the help of numerous gadgets. Here are cool Eco devices that are meant to save power and help you make a difference in this world. Mathmos Fireflow Tea-Light Lava Lamp This is inspired by the anniversary of the Moon landings and it comes with a really cool retro touch if you like that style. It comes with a cool casing that looks exactly like a rocket and will be the perfect accessory for any office. The lava doesn’t use batteries or anything it uses a cool tea light candle and all you have to do is to put it at the base of it and it will start working in a while. It is made from zinc allow with chrome giving you that techy feel to it. The tea-light keeps the lava lamp going for about 3 hours, enough to enhance the whole atmosphere in the room. You can buy this for about 45 dollars and it comes in three cool colors: pink, purple and turquoise. The Mini iPhone Charger If you want to have a cool charger on you that you can easily use whenever you need to fill your battery up, this cool mini charger is great for your iPhone. It will fit your pocket and any of you bags and it can charge for about 1-2 hours through the USB giving you a mobile source of power for your iPhone. Alternatively, if you want to be Earth friendly, you can use the solar panel to charge it but that will take a little longer. For about 20 dollars you can have this cool charger that also works with your iPod and comes with a black and white color scheme. The 6 in 1 Solar Kit For just 18 dollars you can buy this cool solar kit that will help you build your own solar powered robot. You don’t use it for anything in particular...

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Gadgets For Any PC User

Oct 07, 12 Gadgets For Any PC User

Posted by in Desktop

If you are a PC user you will fall in love with the cool gadgets that will be presented below. Spending time on your computer is not just for a hobby nowadays as people use computers with most of their jobs. Here are some of the best gadgets that will help you with various PC tasks but also make sure that you work more efficient. iTwin Multi This cool gadget lets you receive or upload files from your computer to another computer without having to use certain software. With this cool device you will easily send your information to the other computer by connecting the two halves together and then connecting them to the computers. It doesn’t just work for two computers as it can easily work for an entire network if all computers have a iTwin. You can get one of these cool devices for about 100 dollars and they are great if you work in an office or you need to exchange files at any work environment. The Rocsafe MX External Drive This is the coolest external drive available and it comes with real time encryption that uses PIN and smartcard. The company that produces this hard drive says that this is almost impossible to hack and you will easily store whatever important information you have about your company without fearing that it might be accessed by someone else. However, this gadget may come with a price that is a little steep as it costs about 450 dollars. Tiki The Tiki is a USB microphone and it’s one of the first types that use an advanced digital signal processing. This cool microphone will also minimize background noise and it can be plugged directly in your USB for laptop use. You can get it for about 60 dollars and it works for both PCs and Macs. Logitech Wireless Touchpad This cool touchpad has about five inches and you can easily use it for any type of PC. The cool thing about it is...

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