Kids Gadgets

Dec 02, 12 Kids Gadgets

Kids nowadays need a lot of interesting devices to make sure that they keep themselves entertained and with all the technology surrounding us, there’s a lot of variety to choose from. Why not get your kid something that will become a hobby or even a profession later in live and give them a head start when it comes to creativity?

Powertools PLAYMAT 4-in-1 Workshop

 If your kid shows signs that he wants to be an architect or he loves doing construction, this cool device is definitely something that will make him or her happy. It actually saws, drills, buffs and makes a lot of things a real tool would, so why not let them explore their creativity into constructing something really cool. It costs only 70-80 dollars and it can be a great investment that will keep your child entertained for a very long time.

Toys R Us Tabeo

If you want to give your kid a gadget but you don’t think they are ready for something like an iPad you can get them the cool multi-touch tablet designed by Toys R Us. This tablet comes with various apps and cool games that will definitely keep your child entertained and it works on the internet too with parental control, of course.

Candy Chemistry Set

If you want your child to grow fond of something else than sweets this cool chemistry set will surely make them think about more than how tasty candy is when they pick up a piece. Most of them would probably turn this into a hobby and perhaps create unique flavored candy themselves one day. It costs only 35 dollars and it’s definitely a fascinating device.

Money Monster

Help your child learn what saving money is with this cool Money Monster gadget. The Money Monster eats your coins and keeps them in its belly until you mostly need them, usually to buy candy if you are a kid. It requires 3 batteries, comes in cool colors such as pink and blue and it’s a real treat to see it “eat” the money so soon your child will definitely save more than spend.