HP Spectre One

Oct 01, 12 HP Spectre One

This is not just a gadget but a device that will make your life easier and improve the quality of the work you get done at your computer. Introducing you HP Spectre One, a capacitive multitouch PC that will definitely impress you and make things easier when you work or even when you play. It is equipped with the latest technology and it sure looks amazing, just like the technology we were hoping to see in 2012-2013. Just imagine the things that could be made possible with the creation of this PC and once it gets a good series production price, anybody can have one and there will be much more development done to it.

This PC comes with Windows 8 and has a NVIDIA graphic card, 8 gigabytes of RAM, USB 3.0 connectivity, HDMI-in for either HDD or SSD. So you can plug anything it and you can easily choose to upgrade it how you want. However, it even comes with more unique features like the NFC which is something new in the world of PCs. NFC is made to perform specific actions when various things come in contact with it. This means that you can use the phone to login or you can transfer photos with it. It also comes with Windows 8 and you can easily buy new apps for it from the Windows store, which means there is much more to be developed for this cool PC.

If you are interested in buying one, you should know that it may be a little pricey. There are two versions of multitouch PCs available from HP. The first one is this HP Spectre One, which is available since November 2012 and comes with a starting price of $1300 and the second one is the HP Envy 20 which is available for $800 and the HP Envy 23 which will be available for about $1000. It’s obvious that the real start of the gadget show is definitely the HP Spectre One as it has much more capability that the latter devices but fortunately there will be much improvement and it won’t cost that much to have one in the future.