Household Gadgets

Nov 10, 12 Household Gadgets

 Have you ever thought that maybe your house would be easier to manage if you would simply have the devices that would enhance every task you did? Fortunately with new technologies, new inventions come and ultimately you get to ease your life with various devices. Here are some of the newest gadgets for your household that will not just ease your life but they are also pretty cool.

The Talking Scale

You probably don’t need any more moral speech about your weight if you are overweight but you don’t have to worry with the Talking Scale as it won’t scold you if you gained weight. The scale just tells you the weight and it also features a LCD display with memory tracking. Also, it has a capacity of 550 lbs. and work with two 9V batteries.

The Auto Cool

Don’t you just hate it when you leave your car in your parking lot and it’s extremely hot inside only after a couple of minutes? With the Auto Cool you don’t have to worry about heat in your car as you can easily ventilate it without having to worry about power. It is a solar-powered ventilator that expels hot hair from your car. The cool thing about it is that it also helps you get rid of any smells so you can easily make your car all clean again when someone smoked inside.

Moving Security Camera

If you want a cheap efficient solution to your security problem a moving security lam is surely for you. With its motion activated movement and red LED flashes it will look just a like an authentic security system. It just uses 3 AA batteries and it’s extremely easy to install.

Stick-Up Light Bulb

The Stick Up Light Bulb is the best gadget if you need cool lightning. it is a good option for all your rooms including closets, basements, attics and stairwells and the good thing about it is the fact that it doesn’t depend on your power reserve as it comes with batteries.