Google Glass

Sep 20, 12 Google Glass

One of the most amazing gadgets is here with its awesome features showing us the point technology managed to develop. Google Glass seems to have been taken from the Sci-Fi movies and brought right in the middle of our daily routine.

Most of you are probably wondering what is this Google Glass, how do you utilize it and why would you need one during your daily life. Google Glass is actually a cool project that was started by Google because they wanted to revolutionize the whole smartphone mobility thing. It looks like a pair of glasses that is actually connected to phones. It has wireless data connection and it adds augmented reality overlay to the things you are looking for giving you information about that certain place or object. The information comes, of course, from Google but it also comes with a lot of other functions, you can have hangouts on Google Plus, you can listen to music, you can even read the newspaper and all this while you walk around.

The Google Glass is not yet on the market as they are hoping to start a series production in 2013 and offer the customer a whole new experience.  However, you can preorder this cool gadget for about 1500 and have it at your doorstep once they start selling it. It seems that until then Google is trying to bring the best software developers in its team to make sure that the project will have success.

It seems that the days of cool technology we only saw in movies are here because now you can walk on any street and know its name immediately, get routes and even hang out with your friends on video call. However, people are asking various questions regarding this technology and its impact on society as the development and mass production of such glasses may alter some things. Of course, there will be a lot more videos on YouTube but the real concern is spying or stalking which can be easily done with these glasses. Whether the world is ready for this or not we will see, probably this winter when the glasses will start being mass produced.