Gadgets To Help Your Business

Nov 21, 12 Gadgets To Help Your Business

Having a personal business is one of the people’s favorite dream and they can be their own boss and earn money by working their own hours. However, you certainly can’t do it alone and often gadgets and software can be of more use than humans. Here are some of the coolest devices that you can use to enhance your business.


If your business requires that you make conference calls and you need high quality sound, the AudiOffice is the best gadget possible. It also works amazing for your laptop as it makes even easier for you to listen to music. It is available for about 300 dollars and will definitely improve both your calls and your music experience.

ESI 250 Desktop Smartphone

This cool phone looks like a normal office phone but it works with a touchscreen that is especially designed for businesses. You can easily send text messages, record calls and has all the features an office phone has like reminders, conferencing, call distribution, etc. One of these will be available for about 400 dollars so you might have to cut some other expenses if you want to use them in your offices.

HDMI Pocket Projector

This pocket projector costs 300 dollars and it’s very useful if you do a lot of travelling. You can connect it to most devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and even DVD players and game consoles.


One of the most important things that you need in a new business is the option of portability so why not buy some tablets for your employees? iPad or Android tablets, both of them are extremely efficient to make sure that they are doing their business right. It will help them keep track of their meetings, their tasks and their projects so it’s a great investment. Also, you won’t even need to spend too much money as you can easily find tablets for about 150-200 dollars.

Power Up Rolling Bag

This bag is pretty interesting and a great tool for somebody who travels a lot and needs many gadgets. It can fit your tablet, your laptop, some clothing and even your music players or e-readers. The cool thing about it is the fact that you can connect them to it and power them with it; it comes for about 300 dollars and it will be a very useful travel partner.