Drinking Gadgets

Jan 04, 13 Drinking Gadgets

When it comes to drinking and having fun with your friends, there are certainly traditional ways to do it, but why no experience a whole new thing and make sure that cool gadgets are involved. Here are some of the coolest gadgets that you can use at parties, give them as a gift or use them while having a gathering with your friends.

Remote Control Drink Carrier

If you want something cool to show off to your friends or even dorm colleagues when you throw a party, the Remote Control Drink Carrier will surely make a big impression on them. It’s perfect to goof around with and send your friends beer or some other drink with it. You guys can even play drinking games that involve maneuvering the carrier so there are many ways to use. It can hold about 4 cans and it works at 250 feet range so it’s absolutely perfect for your party.

The Corkcicle

If you want to drink the perfectly chilled glass the Corkcicle is you best friend. This cool gadget will keep your beverage cold without ruining it. if you are not a fan of putting ice cubes in your wine and you want it chilled, the Corkcicle is absolutely amazing as you just need to pop it up in the freezer for a bit and then you can easily use it on you bottle and it keeps it cold for about an hour, the perfect time to drink it.

Cooper Cooler Chiller

Speaking of things that will help you cool your beverage, you can now easily cool your beers too with this amazing cooler called the Cooper Cooler Chiller. It helps you cool your beer in a matter of minutes and it’s the perfect aid during hot days of summer.

Alcohol Shot Gun

If you want something really unique, the alcohol shot gun is going to be pretty fun at parties. Just fill it with whatever type of alcohol you want to shoot yourself or your friends with and start drinking. It can even be involved in drinking games and if you are really eccentric you can even get it to drink whiskey alone at home with it.