Cool Gadgets for Smartphone

Sep 18, 12 Cool Gadgets for Smartphone

Nowadays having a smartphone is simply not enough, one should have more gadgets that would either ease their time doing a certain activity with their smartphone or make it more entertaining. Here are some of the newest smartphone gadgets that you would probably love.

Cobra Tag G5

We all have problems when it comes to finding our keys and we often think that there should be some sort of solution when we lose them. Finally, the solution is here and it involves your smartphone, meaning that you get a key ring that connects to your phone and whenever they are 30 feet away from each other, an alarm is set off. You can find your phone with the key ring too, just by pressing the button on it will make it start ringing. This cool gadget will be available for about 50 dollars so why not buy something so useful?


If you want something that will help you with your workouts the MotoACTV is a cool device that stores your stats online. Things like speed, distance, burned calories and other information related to your workout routine are stored and it also comes with a cool function that notices what music motivates you working out better. It costs 150 dollars but this is well spent money for your health.

Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Tracker

This cool device helps you make sure that you follow your workout routine every day. It stores your date and it has heart monitor software. Another cool feature is the fact that it can motivate you work out better and ultimately achieve better success during your routine. The cool thing about it is that it works wirelessly and you get all kinds of tools to help you succeed in whatever fitness goals you have set. For 100 dollars, you get a cool gadget and make sure that you stay healthy.

The Motorola Flip

The Motorola Flip is a cool smartphone or tablet support that has a charging cable. It can be easily used whenever you need to use your smartphone or tablet in a different way. For just 30 dollars you get a cool device that works with all types of smartphones and tablet.