Coffee Gadgets

Dec 25, 12 Coffee Gadgets

Everybody loves coffee and when it comes to drinking it we all serve it according to our own unique personality. However, you can enjoy your coffee by serving it with the help of some really cool gadgets that not only help you with your daily activities but also provide a fun way to drink your coffee.

R2D2 Mug with Lid

This cool coffee mug is perfect for those Star Wars fans out there that also like coffee. Just when you thought there were no other products involving Star Wars, this cute little gadget proves you wrong. It comes with a cool ceramic lid that will also keep the coffee hot and it is officially licensed as a Star Wars product. For about 20 dollars you can have this for yourself or offer a cool gift to your friends.

Cool Self Stirring Mug

When it comes to being lazy one of the things that definitely shows it is the self-stirring mug, but we all agree that this is a really cool gadget to have around. The self-stirring mug comes with a lid to keep your coffee or tea hot and it requires 2 AAA Batteries. The mechanism involved in this cool gadget makes it easier for you even to turn it on as the button for it is right next to where you keep your thumb, so why not buy this for about 20 dollars if you want something that will have your beverage ready in seconds.

USB Mug Warmer

This awesome gadget is just great for those who spend a long time at their computer and often too caught up with work and forget to drink their coffee. It doesn’t require batteries because you plug it in your computer and it can keep your coffee warm all day. With just 10 dollars you can avoid drinking cold coffee and have a cool device on your desk.

Desktop Filter Coffee Maker

When it comes to drinking coffee there’s always the making it part. This is a cool coffee maker that you have to plug it into your computer to make it work. There’s no need to go to the kitchen for fresh coffee now, you have the Desktop Filter Coffee Maker for only 25 dollars.