Eco Devices to Save Power

Oct 15, 12 Eco Devices to Save Power

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If you want to live an Earth friendly life, there are various ways to do it with the help of numerous gadgets. Here are cool Eco devices that are meant to save power and help you make a difference in this world. Mathmos Fireflow Tea-Light Lava Lamp This is inspired by the anniversary of the Moon landings and it comes with a really cool retro touch if you like that style. It comes with a cool casing that looks exactly like a rocket and will be the perfect accessory for any office. The lava doesn’t use batteries or anything it uses a cool tea light candle and all you have to do is to put it at the base of it and it will start working in a while. It is made from zinc allow with chrome giving you that techy feel to it. The tea-light keeps the lava lamp going for about 3 hours, enough to enhance the whole atmosphere in the room. You can buy this for about 45 dollars and it comes in three cool colors: pink, purple and turquoise. The Mini iPhone Charger If you want to have a cool charger on you that you can easily use whenever you need to fill your battery up, this cool mini charger is great for your iPhone. It will fit your pocket and any of you bags and it can charge for about 1-2 hours through the USB giving you a mobile source of power for your iPhone. Alternatively, if you want to be Earth friendly, you can use the solar panel to charge it but that will take a little longer. For about 20 dollars you can have this cool charger that also works with your iPod and comes with a black and white color scheme. The 6 in 1 Solar Kit For just 18 dollars you can buy this cool solar kit that will help you build your own solar powered robot. You don’t use it for anything in particular...

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