Body Care Gadgets

Dec 14, 12 Body Care Gadgets

Body care is not something new, there have been various devices and ingredients made to improve the way our bodies look and feel. With new technologies there also were new types of body care devices and nowadays they are always present in our homes and essential items when it comes to our daily routines. Here are some of the coolest body care gadgets you should definitely try out yourself.

Panasonic EH-SA41 Night Steamer Beauty Sleep

The Panasonic EH-SA41 Night Steamer Beauty Sleep is a cool device that will help you be moisturized even during your sleep as it produces steam that will smoothly keep your skin looking good. It will not disturb your sleep and you can easily use it all night or during your beauty sleep.

Panasonic Doltz Pocket Sonic Toothbrush

If you want something powerful to clean your teeth with, this toothbrush is definitely the solution for you. It can help you clean both your gums and your teeth and it keeps the former healthy as it lowers your risk for gum disease. Panasonic managed to make a really professional toothbrush that is also designed for people who need something that will aid them even during travelling.  It comes with a cool lid and it’s made with metal so it’s sturdy enough so that you can put it in your luggage. You should also know that it’s quite light as it has about 50 grams and it comes in four beautiful metallic colors; silver, black, orange, white and pink.

Beauty Lift High Nose

One of the most common body image issues is related to the nose. Most people usually complain either that their nose is too wide or too long so finally there’s a gadget you can use at night to repair that. It’s called the Beauty Lift High Nose and it seems to apply vibrations on your nose and pressure that in time changes its shape. It will eventually make your nose higher and possibly thinner if you manage to do this every day. It comes with batteries, it’s light enough to keep it on your nose without problems and it’s made with a combination of steel and silicone designed for your best comfort.