Awesome Survival Gadgets

Oct 24, 12 Awesome Survival Gadgets

For the most adventurous of us, there are things like hiking trips into unknown places and exploring really cool landscapes that really keeps that adrenaline level high. However, any person who seeks adventure should also be responsible enough to get some gadgets that would aid them during their quests and we managed to find just the right things you need for your adventure. Here are some of the coolest gadgets that are not just perfect for those who go to extreme adventures but also people who enjoy nature and outdoors and love being self-sufficient.

Esbit Emergency Stove

There might be a time when you will absolutely need to have some sort of stove either to cook your food or keep yourself warm for a while. The cool Esbit Emergency Stove is cheap and ideal even for your home. It is pliable and you can carry it easily in your backpack and it contains fuel tablets that will burn for 12 minutes each so there’s enough time to cook something fast.

Solar Backpack

Quite possibly a lifesaving item, the solar backpack doesn’t just help you store and carry your GPS unit and other electronic gadgets but now can help you charge them too. With a 60 watt per hour laptop battery that’s fueled by three 3:4 watt solar panels, this backpack can recharge your phone, GPS unit or laptop in a matter of hours, depending on the intensity of the sun. This is great not just to have around during hiking outdoors but also during traveling as it might come in handy when you have to wait for hours for your plane or train.

Rechargeable UV Water Filter

Another lifesaver this UV water filter is a great gadget in a small package. Weighing in at just 6.4 ounces this water filter is great because of its versatile and efficient nature. It purifies a liter of water in less than 2 minutes and in case it runs out of batteries you can simply plug it in your laptop or solar charger with the help of its USB cable. As if this wasn’t enough this great tool can also act as a LED flashlight.