Street View Underwater

Sep 29, 13 Street View Underwater

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After having done a great job with the streets and the buildings all over the world, and after having made the Moon’s exploration possible, Google takes a new challenge – the underwater world. Their joint venture with Catlin Seaview Survey has already shown the first results as starting with September 25th, 6 famous sea beds can be admired without getting on a plane and renting snorkeling or diving equipment. On its launch date, Google Street Underwater allows Internet users to visit sites like Heron Island, Lady Elliot Island, Wilson Island (Australia), Molokini Crater, Hanauma Bay (Hawaii) and Apo Island (Philippines). The Mountain View giant’s objectives are obvious. Besides the stated environmentally friendly goal, Google continues its performance pursuit. It is true that with Google Street Underwater we will be able to explore the marine world without damaging the so sensible ecosystems, but this new achievement brings a new difficult to overcome success in the long row of challenges assumed and passed by Google. At a time when Apple failed with their maps project that contained unexplainable and unbearable errors of all kinds, Google takes a new step forward, immersing Internet users in the underwater world, convincing them once again that they are able to win almost any bet they take and increasing their brand loyalty, if this was still necessary. Will this make a big buzz? There is still time to measure the results, but as Caitlin Project Director Richard Vevers put it, this project will certainly satisfy the 99% of Internet users who have and will never get the chance to dive into the ocean and admire the fish schools gracious movements or the turtles’ swirl dance. Labeled as a scientific and ecological project, Google Street Underwater is much more than...

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Apophis – It’s From Another World

Feb 01, 13 Apophis – It’s From Another World

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There’s one point in your life when you realize that things are simply not right; nothing satisfies you anymore and nothing seems to be glamorous enough. Perhaps it’s time to treat yourself with something new and luxurious?  Apophis combines handmade art with impressive technology in a manner never seen before, and that’s not just a line put there to impress you, this product is completely unique!  This is one of the most extravagant USB flash drives, meant for clients who are looking for something more. If it sounds familiar, Apophis actually shares the name with the planetoid that might hit the Earth in 2036. And talking about making an impact, this product was actually created with a casing made of 200 years old African Black Wood, which is practically the most luxurious type of wood you can get your hands on. And if you are picky enough to be unimpressed, then you should know that Apophis is also made with 4.5 billion years old meteorite, guaranteeing uniqueness.  Next time you will be sharing your data with someone, you will certainly make an impression. You can get your Apophis either covered with 925 silver or with 18-carat gold, depending on how much glamour you can take. No matter what your decision is, you will stand out. It’s made of meteorite and high end luxurious wood, it stands out. Period.  Oh, and you won’t just simply stand out, you will stand out with style as this product also incorporates the 20 years of experience of Gdansk Jewelers and great craftsmanship to the smallest detail. It shows that you are not a simple person, just like Apophis is not just a simple USB. When it comes to its technological qualities, Apophis doesn’t disappoint; it is a high class electronic USB 3.0 with 64GB capacity and an amazing 190MB/s reading speed. Actually, this product is so amazing, that you will get lifetime guarantee; some might say it’s durable like a meteorite. People will either love or hate this...

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Suunto X9i Multifunction GPS Watch

Jan 15, 13 Suunto X9i Multifunction GPS Watch

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If you are one of those people who forget about how much time they spent outdoors, the Suunto X9i Multifunction GPS is surely a great solution for your outdoor escapades. You can easily monitor your performance using this watch or it can be a real help when you decide to go exploring. The watch comes with a GPS function which makes it a great tool for those who like hiking and cycling in various unknown places. If you want to enhance the GPS function you should always make sure that you download the routes because otherwise it can be really complicated. One of the cool features that you can find on this watch is the fact that you can plan your own routes and make your own hiking itineraries with the help of digital mapping services. Also, let’s not forget that if you get lost you have an altimeter, which will help you if you ever get to change your position upside down, a barometer, a thermometer and a compass that will help any survivor find their way home. It also comes with a stopwatch, an alarm and can be recharged at a computer too. Another cool feature is the fact that it will track your performance so if you are hiking or cycling regularly, you will know if your speed and length has increased over the time. If you ever get lost you can easily make emergency calls and ask for help. The battery lasts for about 12 hours if you check your GPS every minute and just a few hours if you check it every second, so make sure that you don’t overuse it. The watch uses 28 satellites and network of computer to calculate your location and you can also plan various routes with different mapping software. You will have your coordinates in degrees and it has a capacity of 50 routes, 8000 trackpoints and 500 waypoints. If you are into gadgets and love the outdoors, this watch is definitely the...

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Drinking Gadgets

Jan 04, 13 Drinking Gadgets

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When it comes to drinking and having fun with your friends, there are certainly traditional ways to do it, but why no experience a whole new thing and make sure that cool gadgets are involved. Here are some of the coolest gadgets that you can use at parties, give them as a gift or use them while having a gathering with your friends. Remote Control Drink Carrier If you want something cool to show off to your friends or even dorm colleagues when you throw a party, the Remote Control Drink Carrier will surely make a big impression on them. It’s perfect to goof around with and send your friends beer or some other drink with it. You guys can even play drinking games that involve maneuvering the carrier so there are many ways to use. It can hold about 4 cans and it works at 250 feet range so it’s absolutely perfect for your party. The Corkcicle If you want to drink the perfectly chilled glass the Corkcicle is you best friend. This cool gadget will keep your beverage cold without ruining it. if you are not a fan of putting ice cubes in your wine and you want it chilled, the Corkcicle is absolutely amazing as you just need to pop it up in the freezer for a bit and then you can easily use it on you bottle and it keeps it cold for about an hour, the perfect time to drink it. Cooper Cooler Chiller Speaking of things that will help you cool your beverage, you can now easily cool your beers too with this amazing cooler called the Cooper Cooler Chiller. It helps you cool your beer in a matter of minutes and it’s the perfect aid during hot days of summer. Alcohol Shot Gun If you want something really unique, the alcohol shot gun is going to be pretty fun at parties. Just fill it with whatever type of alcohol you want to shoot yourself or your friends...

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Coffee Gadgets

Dec 25, 12 Coffee Gadgets

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Everybody loves coffee and when it comes to drinking it we all serve it according to our own unique personality. However, you can enjoy your coffee by serving it with the help of some really cool gadgets that not only help you with your daily activities but also provide a fun way to drink your coffee. R2D2 Mug with Lid This cool coffee mug is perfect for those Star Wars fans out there that also like coffee. Just when you thought there were no other products involving Star Wars, this cute little gadget proves you wrong. It comes with a cool ceramic lid that will also keep the coffee hot and it is officially licensed as a Star Wars product. For about 20 dollars you can have this for yourself or offer a cool gift to your friends. Cool Self Stirring Mug When it comes to being lazy one of the things that definitely shows it is the self-stirring mug, but we all agree that this is a really cool gadget to have around. The self-stirring mug comes with a lid to keep your coffee or tea hot and it requires 2 AAA Batteries. The mechanism involved in this cool gadget makes it easier for you even to turn it on as the button for it is right next to where you keep your thumb, so why not buy this for about 20 dollars if you want something that will have your beverage ready in seconds. USB Mug Warmer This awesome gadget is just great for those who spend a long time at their computer and often too caught up with work and forget to drink their coffee. It doesn’t require batteries because you plug it in your computer and it can keep your coffee warm all day. With just 10 dollars you can avoid drinking cold coffee and have a cool device on your desk. Desktop Filter Coffee Maker When it comes to drinking coffee there’s always the making it part. This is...

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