Street View Underwater

Sep 29, 13 Street View Underwater

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After having done a great job with the streets and the buildings all over the world, and after having made the Moon’s exploration possible, Google takes a new challenge – the underwater world. Their joint venture with Catlin Seaview Survey has already shown the first results as starting with September 25th, 6 famous sea beds can be...

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Apophis – It’s From Another World

Feb 01, 13 Apophis – It’s From Another World

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There’s one point in your life when you realize that things are simply not right; nothing satisfies you anymore and nothing seems to be glamorous enough. Perhaps it’s time to treat yourself with something new and luxurious?  Apophis combines handmade art with impressive technology in a manner never seen before, and that’s not just...

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Suunto X9i Multifunction GPS Watch

Jan 15, 13 Suunto X9i Multifunction GPS Watch

Posted by in Watches

If you are one of those people who forget about how much time they spent outdoors, the Suunto X9i Multifunction GPS is surely a great solution for your outdoor escapades. You can easily monitor your performance using this watch or it can be a real help when you decide to go exploring. The watch comes with a GPS function which makes...

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Drinking Gadgets

Jan 04, 13 Drinking Gadgets

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When it comes to drinking and having fun with your friends, there are certainly traditional ways to do it, but why no experience a whole new thing and make sure that cool gadgets are involved. Here are some of the coolest gadgets that you can use at parties, give them as a gift or use them while having a gathering with your...

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Coffee Gadgets

Dec 25, 12 Coffee Gadgets

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Everybody loves coffee and when it comes to drinking it we all serve it according to our own unique personality. However, you can enjoy your coffee by serving it with the help of some really cool gadgets that not only help you with your daily activities but also provide a fun way to drink your coffee. R2D2 Mug with Lid This cool...

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