Apophis – It’s From Another World

Feb 01, 13 Apophis – It’s From Another World

There’s one point in your life when you realize that things are simply not right; nothing satisfies you anymore and nothing seems to be glamorous enough. Perhaps it’s time to treat yourself with something new and luxurious?

 Apophis combines handmade art with impressive technology in a manner never seen before, and that’s not just a line put there to impress you, this product is completely unique!

 This is one of the most extravagant USB flash drives, meant for clients who are looking for something more. If it sounds familiar, Apophis actually shares the name with the planetoid that might hit the Earth in 2036. And talking about making an impact, this product was actually created with a casing made of 200 years old African Black Wood, which is practically the most luxurious type of wood you can get your hands on. And if you are picky enough to be unimpressed, then you should know that Apophis is also made with 4.5 billion years old meteorite, guaranteeing uniqueness.  Next time you will be sharing your data with someone, you will certainly make an impression.

You can get your Apophis either covered with 925 silver or with 18-carat gold, depending on how much glamour you can take. No matter what your decision is, you will stand out. It’s made of meteorite and high end luxurious wood, it stands out. Period.  Oh, and you won’t just simply stand out, you will stand out with style as this product also incorporates the 20 years of experience of Gdansk Jewelers and great craftsmanship to the smallest detail. It shows that you are not a simple person, just like Apophis is not just a simple USB. When it comes to its technological qualities, Apophis doesn’t disappoint; it is a high class electronic USB 3.0 with 64GB capacity and an amazing 190MB/s reading speed. Actually, this product is so amazing, that you will get lifetime guarantee; some might say it’s durable like a meteorite.

People will either love or hate this luxurious cutting edge product, however, one thing is for certain, Apophis is literally out of this world.